The book about mystery shopping for employees, by Veronica Boxberg Karlsson and Lina Schölin is currently available in 20 langauages.
These are the companies that have translated the book into foreign languages:

Arabic (AR) – Customex, UAE

Mandarin (CN) – Force Research, China

Danish (DA) – Niclas Aarestrup

German (DE) – Better Business World Wide

English (Eng) – Better Business World Wide

Spanish (ES) – El Cliento Indescreto, Spain

French (FR) – Top Level Services, France/Belgium

Greek (GR) – Global Link International Marketing Research LTD

Hindi (IN) – Onion Insights , India

Icelandic (IS) – Better Business Iceland

Italian (IT) – KOI, Italy

Japanese (JP) – Ajis-Group, Japan

Korean (KR) – FRMS Korea

Dutch (NL) – Multi-Value BV

Polish (PL) – Qualityo

Portugese (PT) – Pentaudis

Romanian (RO) – The Consultants

Russian (RU) – Nextep

Swedish (SV) – Better Business World Wide

Ukrainian (UP) – 4 Service